Speaking Engagements

As a professional keynote speaker and trainer, Anthony uses his 20-plus years of corporate experience and multicultural background to help corporate audiences across continents understand why most sales organizations continue to use traditional sales methods even though they are becoming obsolete.

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Customer Loyalty Revival

Attract and retain more ideal clients without increasing your marketing budget.

Consultative Selling that Works

Employ consultative selling modern methods that generate results, add value, and deepen trust with your ideal clients.

Sales Critical Success Factors

Discover how to improve your people’s leadership skills and maximize your company strategic focus, operations, marketing, and finances.

Corporate Strategic Missteps

Master the ability to minimize minuscule, but costly strategic missteps while reducing your biggest expensive strategic blunders.


Learn How to Leverage Change, Innovation and Disruption to Stay Ahead

Professional Keynote Speaker & Trainer

Former First Data Sales Executive turned Business Strategist and Professional Speaker Anthony Chaine teaches businesses how to leverage their people and resources to gain an edge. Anthony can help to reinvent teams and leaders, resulting in increased revenue and better employee morale.

Anthony was dynamic, thought-provoking, and a master of the subject matter. The information he provided will not only benefit our attendees, but ultimately the entire industry.

Tom Sage, Educational Program Manager, MHD