Consulting & Coaching

Anthony’s advisory services consist of understanding your current strategies strengths and deficiencies, then customizing a growth plan based on your existing strengths by building on the areas that will grow and propel your business forward in record time.

Anthony will keep working with you until you reach the different level of milestones of growth that you set up together. Together you can achieve your outcome and outperform your competition. He is all about ensuring that you dominate your market, become profitable, and build loyal repeat customers. He will build a relationship that creates results through commitment, consistency, accountability, and execution.

With Anthony, you achieve the following:

  • Desired employee and manager performance and output.
  • Higher revenue and profitability that meet/exceed your goals
  • Win bigger market shares
  • Implement the right winning sales process that meets your organization needs
  • Meet your social and philanthropic goals
  • Retain your best employees and attract talent
  • Win key accounts that reside with your competitors

Benefits of Anthony Chaine’s Advisory Program

Anthony will customize each program to address your organization’s core challenges and prepare you to excel in the following:

  • Select sales techniques that work best for your employees, company, and customers
  • Improve the positioning of your products and services to maximize profits and loyalty
  • Share leadership strategies that work, including competitor’s best practices
  • Turn your employees into a lean, mean selling machine.
  • Create cohesive teams that believe in the company vision and mission
  • Turn every employee into a thought leader who enhances the organization standing

With Anthony, you will find the perfect partnership that focuses on what matters most to your organization.

Accountability that Generates Results

Maximize revenue, profit, and your employee’s potential. Through sound strategies that held everyone accountable to deliver game-changing outcomes.

Organization Potential Attainment

Evolve your salespeople mindset from the realization of incremental growth to exponential growth. Develop your reps’ skills to target and win high-value clients.

Leveraging the Power of Change

Embracing change, undoing habitual processes is tough but necessary for organizational growth. The change affects how employees perform their jobs. Organizational change, whether small or big, will need to be communicated and explained to generate enthusiasm and progress.

Cohesive Teams Building

Increase team cohesiveness by demanding and coaching on commitment, consistency, accountability, and execution from everyone. Provide a structured and systematic platform that allows your people to work as a force of one

Are you ready and willing to take this transformative journey with Anthony?

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What a treat for me, Anthony was a game changer, his business perspective is unique. His great ideas are clear, concise, actionable and different that anything I’ve seen in the past. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing Anthony Chaine again.

Talia Champetier, SVP, BillPay

Anthony is brilliant, thoughtful and straightforward in terms of telling it as it is. He is encouraging and inspiring, and works hard to help people maximize their potential. The audience truly enjoyed his stories and passion.

Robert Masely, Founder, Stotsyn Payment, CT

I felt like Anthony was talking directly to me. He was highlighting everything that I try to help bring to the team. I could relate to every word of wisdom he was sharing with us. He was brutally honest, and you can sense that he genuinely had our best interest in mind.

Raja Swammy, VP Sales, Verizon Partner Solutions