Anthony in Action

Benefited from his keynotes, training, consulting and books.

Anthony Chaine has served organizations such as First Data, Citigroup, Verizon, Hartland, and Tourneau to boost their revenue and retain their client base.

As an international entrepreneur who experienced unbelievable hardship and challenges at a younger age, Anthony understands the challenges that employees and executives go through every day. His goal is to help people unleash their innate potential.

An eternal optimist, Anthony is not just electrifying and passionate about what he does, he is a transformative power that will change your mindset and beliefs.

Anthony Chaine is razor focused on helping your organization achieve more exceptional results, by aligning employee purpose with organizational goals. He takes pride in:

  • Mixing fun and hard work to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Delivering novel, compelling content that transform people mindset
  • Generating memorable moments by shocking, intriguing and surprising his audience with puzzling facts, data and stories unique to their industry.

Join the group of organizations that have learned from Anthony and…

Forged Team Synergy

Ignited their employee’s self-confidence and built teams that are self-autonomous, creative and productive.

Built Fanatic Followers

Turned customers into loyal ambassadors who attract new customers.

Transformed Workplace Culture

Turned unhappy employees to focused determined and passionate contributors

Competed and Win out

Increased market competitive advantage by aligning your employee behind your corporate purpose

Are you ready and willing to take this transformative journey with Anthony?

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Anthony was dynamic, thought-provoking, and a master of the subject matter. The information he provided will not only benefit our attendees, but ultimately the entire industry.

Tom Sage, Educational Program Manager, MHD
This was an awesome presentation. I was surrounded by sales executives who share a collective passion for the sales profession. The speaker connected with the audience in far deeper and more meaningful ways than I have ever seen before.
Antonio Casanova, CEO, NOVA INC
Anthony Chaine is the real deal. He is a world-class motivational speaker and a sales, marketing, and social media thought leader. His international, multi-cultural perspective is unique, smart and entertaining. His message is thought-provoking, intriguing, relevant and inspiring to take action. He is extremely innovative, hard-hitting and energetic, and I believe that everyone took away some thought processes and techniques to improve their approach and methods to achieve success.
Ijaz Mughal, President, and CEO, MOGULPAY INC